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Wisdom (Christian age)

What is wisdom, is it acquired with age? Or is there another way to get wisdom? Being a Christian the bible often talks of meat and milk. Just like babies our Christian lives we grow on a spiritual level. Is there a way to measure that growth? It is measured in years spent as a Christian or is it determined another way? What is the milk and meat the bible refers to?

Knowing God

Wisdom begins in respecting God and is improved by getting to know him more. Through prayer life, reading the bible, and communicating with God trough Jesus Christ. So wisdom is gained by what we know of God. So it is not gained by age or the amount of time that we live. But is determined by the level of our relationship with God.

Spiritual Age

Another aspect that relies on knowledge of God is our spiritual Age. How old we are spiritually relies on our relationship with God. Where we are in our spiritual walk with God, and is reflected in our relationships with each other, as well as our relationships, with our friend outside our faith.


Spiritual milk is anything in the bible that is easy to accept. It is easy to see God doing those things. We accept and believe that God has done those things. Grace and law are those things that are easy to accept.

Both have their place in faith, both are taught and preached in the bible. But they just scratch the surface of who God is. It like getting to know someone saying yea I can see you doing something like that. But just like people there is more depth to God just like there is more depth to the people around us.


Spiritual Meat is anything that is hard to accept or understand, that God has done or continues doing today.  These are the parts of God personality that we have a hard time with.

NOT that God needs our approval He is letting us get to know him having a relationship with him. Which is a privilege not a right. There is Depth to God he want us to trust him. Notice I said wants us not needs us to trust, and believe in him, to get to know him.


King Solomon asked for wisdom God gave him wisdom. He gave him knowledge of Himself. In knowing God he saw through people, he understood people. It was easier for him to get to know people because he knew God.

He knew how a mother would react. According to God all men fall short. Solomon fell short and we all will too, there no doubt about that, but if we keep our focus on God. Keep getting back up and looking at our savior, keep following him, keep pursuing the relationship that God started.

He has made a way to communicate with him freely. Through Jesus Christ we have a relationship with God. As long as we confess our sin to God and ask for forgiveness we have that forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

So to re-cap (fear) respecting God is the begging of wisdom, to get more wisdom is to get to know God more. The more you get to know God, milk and meat is part of God’s personality that is easy or hard to accept.

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Edwin IBU

As a Christian I believe to forge ahead u need divine wisdom which is given by God Almighty.  This is given according to the levels we know God as succinctly put by the author.

It is true spiritual relationship with God determines your level of wisdom. This is evident in the life of king Solomon who handled his people wisely as written in the bible. Knowing and fearing God is the beginning of wisdom. 

Dec 13.2018 | 06:49 pm


I have an important question about spiritual age. This really makes me question myself for a long time.

I used to be religious and took a break. This break was a couple of months. But I feel like I am continuing where I left off. What do you think about this?

Dec 13.2018 | 06:52 pm


    Spiritual age is getting to know God. I believe everyone take breaks, Not just cause we want to  but our lives moves in seasons. We go trough seasons of growing and learning teaching etc. we do not do these thing all at once. so that sound right in that you took a break. 

    In the next season we pick up where we leave off from the previous season. Im not going to be as bold to say if you go back or forward. that is based on your relationship with God. 

    I hope this gave you an answer. If you have any more questions ill be more than happy to help.

    Dec 13.2018 | 07:08 pm

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