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             understanding your place in Christ

You have been saved what’s next

Who are you in Christ? What is your purpose in the body of Christ? How can you contribute to the kingdom of God? There is a way for you to contribute, to be a living sacrifice, using the skills and abilities God gave you to bring others to Him.

So what are some of the things to self reflect on to identify what your position in Christ is, where you belong in Christ? Everyone fits somewhere, God does not make junk. So first off pray asking God to help you identify your place, where you fit into the body of Christ.

First off let’s look at your personal ministry that you are called to do. What does God want you to do? Does he want you to be a missionary, a pastor, an administrator, a teacher, an evangelist, a businessman, or a singer, what does God Want you to do?

Identifying you place in Christ

-What is your ministry? To be clear a ministry is something you do for God. Using the skills and abilities God has given you to bring people to God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.So what is God calling you to do?

It has nothing to do with church but everything to do with the gospel. It is you living sacrifices to God. It is your place in his kingdom, and in his body, as well as his congregation.

Is he calling you to lead a church, or just to join one? Is he calling you to sing? Is he calling you to start a business or to work for someone else? What is your ministry?

-What is your personal mission, your personal drive? Where do you think you got that drive, God gave it to you. Is it to help people, how does he want you to help people? Does he want you to teach, lead, follow, administer, advise, or to coach?

-Identifying your place in a local congregation using what you know of your abilities and the answer God gives you to pursue. What God wants you to do with you life teaching, singing, leading, following, helping, or advising others toward God.

What are your gifts

-Your abilities are God given, the things that you are naturally good at, and if you are good at more than one thing. God gives you talent and the ability to understand and learn new things. So identify something you are good at naturally. What positions or types of ministry need those skills.

-Your experiences, you learn new skills and abilities by experience. Our circumstances are part of God’s will, he teaches us more skills and abilities through the experiences he gives us, honing and developing our existing skills, or giving us new ones.

Using What God Gave you

-Furthering the Kingdom of God with the gifts that he gave you. To spread the gospel and show the world what it means to be a christian. The way you live as an example showing the love of our God. Letting the light shine that is Jesus Christ in your life.

-Bring people to the savior expanding the kingdom of God. While using the skills and natural abilities God gave you. Leading the way to the savior naturally not having to push it. They see the example you set. What God has done with your life, the blessings he has given you.

-For God’s glory live your life as a living sacrifice for our God. Doing nothing for yourself or others but for your God. Doing this you will not tire of doing things for others. Daily, remind yourself you are doing what you are doing for God and his glory, not live for yourself or for others but to live for God.

What is God calling you to do? Who are you in Christ? Leave a comment let’s get to know one another.

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Danny King

Many Christians miss this point. They see Jesus as a way out of hell. They totally forget gratitude. I know this, because I was like this. Seeking what God wants us to do make the wait for Heaven way better.

Jan 26.2019 | 02:58 pm


    Very true and many Christians don’t grow because of that mindset.

    Jan 29.2019 | 04:25 pm

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