TTLC Community Events

Planning and Executing

I would like to take a minute to encourage you all to think of events to minister in the community. Make events in your church, in your parks. Let churches get together to promote christianity. Gather the community together, let us worships him together.   

Plan these out, give inspiration to come to Christ, to our communities. Make the plan, then execute the plan. Listen to your youth, help them plan and make events, show them how to witness.

Family Fun

Make the event family fun, strengthen the families in the community. Helping strengthen families in the community’s because that strengthens us. So make games, and event that encourage family fun.

Reaching Communities

The point in these events is to reach our communities. Putting our values back into our communities, into our children, and our families. Letting the Light of Christ shine in our communities. Reaching out to the communities, like we are supposed to.

Building Families Up

Our community’s start at our families, and the families in the communities. Build up families while the enemy tries to tear them down. The church should help keep families together not help tear them apart.

Building Up Churches

If the families in our communities are strong and are held held together by the church, then our churches would be better at connecting with people, it is one of the church jobs, helping to show the love of Christ, you can’t do that behind the door once a week.

Church get back to the basics of connecting with the communities. It will help the churches and families stay, it is the church’s responsibility to tell the Gospel. Building up communities putting Christ back into our society.

Strengthening Our Communities

The best source of strength for individuals and communities is Christ. He is the way the truth and the light. He is more than than just the way to get to heaven. He is a way to bring families together and communities.

Let God’s Glory Shine In Our Lives

Let him illuminate our community and our families. Immagine entire communities uniting over Christ our lord, we can see it happen if we come together as christians and stopping being denominations.  


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