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Trusting God

God wants us to trust him, to trust him with all that we have. Trusting he knows what he is doing. That he gives us only what we can handle, to give us what is best for us. We all have our own needs and wants but we do not know what is best for us, God has a better plan. For our lives, for our families if only we will trust him to take care of us.

What does it mean to trust God?

To be confidant and have faith that he is in control of everything. To believe that he is looking out for what is best for you and providing for all your needs, to know that he is going to look out for you. To have courage and understanding that no matter what he is there for you.

What I mean by having courage, is to stand against what the world says about this or that. You need to do this or that to be successful or prosperous. Or you need to go out and get it for yourself. God provides for us jobs, and our food. He is in everything and provides for us.

Some times we get in his way of him providing for him because we do not listen to what he is saying. Not following the instructions he gives us, we hurt ourselves, because we cannot wait a minute to receive instructions. We rush and rush, not taking the time to seek God and what he want for us.

Taking the time

If only we took the time to seek God’s will instead of worrying about where our next meal come from, instead of worrying about how were going to do this, how am I going to pay for that. I encourage you seek God’s will, follow his instructions to show that I am  not only talking  the talk, but walking the walk as well  I recently started this website believing that God wanted me to do that. I have not worked except for the website you see and the articles.

I haven’t received one cent from this ministry so far but I trust God. A job offer came my way awhile back I turned it down because I ask God what he wanted me to do. His response was to “Be still and know that I am God”. It is hard to be still, it is hard to not go out and get money for my self I strongly dislike leaning on others for anything. I like helping and doing things to help out.

But I am being still except for writing articles and helping out around the house where I can, because I don’t believe God doesn’t want me to do nothing, he doesn’t want me to try to get it myself, he wants me to trust him to use this ministry to get income  he wants me to help people leading them to Jesus Christ. I wrote this on 9/19/2018 this is my testimony on trusting God. To him be the glory forever and ever amen.

How it turns out

I will keep you all informed on where the ministry stands. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Seeing how this turns out and giving a report to all of you. Hoping that through me that you can learn what it is like to trust God.

I have another silly story but I believe it relevant to this topic. When I was in high school in JROTC they put me in charge of a car wash. I put call out to radio stations asking them to broadcast the announcement of a car ash hosted by JROTC the only one that agree to put out the message was a AM station. That night I prayed to God asking him to bring so many cars we could not wash them all. Well it happened we were packed full of cars the whole time we were out there we had to tell some people that we were leaving.

I trusted God then he blessed me, now I’m doing it again as an adult. Looking to God to provide me not with just what I want, or need but for what he wants for me. Another example of this is my wife, I met her in church God lead me to her a few years later after a friendship of 5 years we got together and got married. I believe that God gave her to me.  I trusted God then to and am happy to take the time to seek his will. Just a few more testimonies of what happens when you trust God.

Got you own testimonies of yourself trusting God or of any other divine interactions  go to the testimonies section leave you testimony give me some time and I’ll accept them to show them on the site. Looking forward to being encouraged by your experiences.

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Cory Haasnoot

I for one am a follower of Jesus Christ and proud of it. I find my self rushing like you said not listening for advice from God before making decisions. Also I find myself lacking faith quite often worrying about this and that not trusting in the Lord. I think this is human nature and to combat the lack of faith we just have to be ever steadfast in believing God does everything for our benefit because he loves us. Thanks for spreading the word of God online. This world really needs the truth right now!

Dec 05.2018 | 05:48 pm


    I agree  your welcome

    Dec 05.2018 | 05:53 pm


Thank you for this kind and motivating article. I really enjoyed reading it. It was so warm and pleasant. Trust is something humans develop not so easily. For me, it was easy. I always knew God existed and was listening to my prayers, whenever I was ready to believe in him and to show faith.

Whenever I trusted God, I was granted with good things. It is great that you mentioned this because you are so right about we rushing into something that is not the best for us. And God protects us from this, although we are not aware of this.

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I will bookmark you.


Dec 05.2018 | 05:49 pm

Lok Which

Thanks for encouraging someone with this post. Trusting God simply means following him sheepishly not seeing the end but trusting the process that God is taking you through.

At a point in my life God began making me understand that by strength shall no man prevail. Whoever God has not helped, no man can help him. This post serve as a reminder for me and more an establishment of my belief.


Dec 05.2018 | 05:52 pm


Nice site but like any, it takes a lot of dedication, consistent action and work to build up an audience. It won’t just drop in our laps. Sometimes God will send us things that we don’t necessarily understand but are temporary ( a job ) until we can get to where we ultimately want to be. Jesus never did anything half-way and neither should we. 

God’s people are NOT being fed “meat”. Get to the hard hitting stuff that churches are afraid to tackle such as operating in the spirit, healing, spiritual manifestations (we are seeing a lot of that nowadays) and how to handle them, knowing your authority in Christ, etc.  Most churches refuse to tackle these topics and instead fall into the “lukewarm” category. In encourage you to be controversial in the truth. Christ was extremely controversial in his time. He wasn’t afraid to buck the system. This is so sorely needed today. God Bless!

Dec 05.2018 | 05:55 pm


    Thank you for you suggestions i will add them to thing to write. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Dec 05.2018 | 06:00 pm

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