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The Good News

So what is the good news? The good news is that God had sent his son to do what we could not. That is, to live on this world without sin, facing all the same temptations we face today.

That he came and did not sin once while he was here on earth. That is the savior of God’s promise. He came and lived among us, died on the cross and rose again on the third day.

That the prophecies in the Old Testament came to pass, and continues to do so, the good news is the savior of promise, is today and was Jesus Christ.

What is the Gospel

So what is the gospel, to put it simply, the gospel is Jesus Christ’s life from the time of being prophesied about to his coming, and reign to his day. It is how he lived, how he died, and how he rose again.

In short, his life, death, and his resurrection. What he did in the past. What he does now, and what he will be doing in the future. His gospel is continuing to today by us as Christian being living sacrifices to him.

How great it is to be used by God. Not because he needs us but because he want us to live under his mercy and grace. Letting him fulfill the law, doing nothing to earn our way to his grace.

But instead he gives us his grace. Letting us call him God, letting us serve him calling him God, Father and Friend. Our God is our friend; proof that it is more than just a religion but a relationship.

When can you be saved?

You can be saved anytime that God decides to save you. If you want to be saved then that is God giving you the desire to get to know him. I realize a lot of people think that it is our personal choice.

I respectfully disagree mainly because the bible tells us no one seeks God, no one seeks his will, or his ways. So either God is a liar or he is providing our desires influencing our choices.

I believe that God is not a liar. I believe that God is in complete control. Of not only my life but of the worlds, or if you want a bigger scale the universe. Of every universe if such a thing exists.

How do you get saved

So if it is up to God to save you, and not your personal decision, how do you get saved then? I’m going to reference the bible, by believing in the Gospel. That is all you need to do to be saved.

No good works, just believing that Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God. That God sent him to us. That he lived physically with us for thirty-three years.  That he died on the cross and that he rose from the grave.

When he did that he took the punishment for your sins. That he did it for you personally. That by him doing that you can have a relationship with God because of what your savior did.

Can you lose your salvation?

No you can not, once saved you keep your salvation. I personally believe that it insults Jesus Christ to say you can lose your salvation. That is because it is like saying that Jesus is not enough.

You can backslide but God will forgive you. That is not giving us free right to sin, we should try to seek God, and to follow his ways striving to be living sacrifices doing for God and not for ourselves.

What that means

That God will forgive you when you sin. But just like a parent punishing a child or a friend that you have wronged your relationship with God will hit a bump so I don’t recommend it. We all fall short; I ask God every day to help me with my short comings.

He does help me so I encourage you to do the same if you know you have problems with something. Ask God to help you with it. He will, it says in the bible to ask you will receive, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you shall find.

Our God is so good

What are you supposed to do

So what as a Christian are you supposed to do? Jesus gave us one main objective that is to spread the Gospel. To assemble when we can to encourage others in faith, and in Christ.

To love our neighbors like we love ourselves, to be ambassadors for Christ, to represent the Kingdom of God to others, and to show them the love of Christ to let them know what he did, and that he still lives today.

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Danny King

Many Christians cannot wrap their head around all you just wrote, but Scripture teaches it. When we finally get an idea of how GOOD the Good News is, we will spend all eternity thanking God for it!

Dec 07.2018 | 08:48 pm

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