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Back To The Basics

Back To The Basics The Gospel The most basic concept of Christian faith is the gospel. Our faith begins and ends with Jesus. The people from the Old Testament, looking ahead to the cross

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Doctrine of Truth

Doctrine of Truth Not a Denomination The point in denominations are to separate ourselves according how we understand the bible. I think that doctrine is important, but it is not supposed to the main

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Assignments God’s sovereignty reaches into all of our lives with our personal assignments and ministries. As well as congregational ministries we are supposed to help each other reach out to others and tell them

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God’s Sovereignty

God’s Sovereignty What does sovereignty mean According to the dictionary sovereignty mean supreme power/authority. Let us take a look at God’s sovereignty in the bible, as well as in our lives today, and the

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Love Is

                  In one of my last articles I briefly touched on love. I would like to expand on that subject here. What love is, and what it is not. How to tell the difference

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Being Charitable

                   Being Charitable Our love As Christians we are known by our love, our love for our friends, family, our church, communities, and how we treat

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Being a spiritual head

  What is a Spiritual Head Today I’m talking about being the spiritual head of our household what that entails. So what does it take to be the spiritual head of your house? Does

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God not dead movement

God not dead movement Coming together I recently watched all three of the God’s not dead movies. The point of the movies are to come together against the enemies, enemies being spirits, principalities, to

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Trusting God

Trusting God God wants us to trust him, to trust him with all that we have. Trusting he knows what he is doing. That he gives us only what we can handle, to give

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Helping the Afflicted

Of all the afflictions and addictions how do we help those in need of help? Do we tell them what they are doing is wrong, pushing them to stop? If they disagree to, we

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