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Renting webspace

Who Can Rent

Website space can be rented for congregational or individual ministries. This space will be screened for violations against the user agreement, this being a christian website attempting to further the gospel of Christ.

You can upload your sermons or bible studies so the public can view them on the website. As well as a chance to be posted on FB and twitter. This is just another way we are trying to help out other ministries.

Renting For What

We do not believe that the gospel should be sold. The gospel should be freely given to anyone willing to listen. The charge is not to spread the gospel but to keep this website up and running. So that we all can continue to spread the gospel online.


1.Must preach and teach the gospel.

The Price

While we believe the preaching of and hearing of the gospel should be free. This website is supported by both donations and a fee of 25 USD. This goes to keeping the website up and running.

As well as going toward the building of community centers.

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