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A Beacon In Our Communities

To shine a light in our community. Made to bring people together to aid and teach and inspire. To be a light within our communities to care for one another and gather. To care for the homeless and give food to the needy.

To help kids with tudors who will be dedicated to help their grade up. To make a gathering place for friends to meet up. To become connected with each other in a community. A place to come to get aid if you need it.

To be a bright light for christ in our communities.   

Community Centers

I would like to build community centers up. That are not ran by one church, but inspire church’s to connect with their communities. Centers with our local population that we can turn to when in need or if we want to help.

A place to connect with others and help with whatever needs they may have. These centers will be a place where the gospel can be spread. As well as love being shown to individuals, families, or groups within our community.

Volunteers From Local Churches

I would like to go to churches in the community and ask for volunteers. These volunteers would come help the people in need and connecting with people in the community. I believe this would help the church show the community that they care.

Instead of just handing them a pamphlet or inviting them to church they would be able to hangout giving time to the needy while being able to minister the gospel. This will create opportunity for that.

Gospel Being Center Of Community Center

I would like the gospel to be presented to those who come in requesting info on our savior. That would have office for ministers. Making the gospel a pillar in our communities. Helping one another focus on christ.

Providing Meals

Giving food to the needy or just a place to come sit together to eat and talk. Creating a hangout spot in community. For fun and leisure as well as business.

Youth Activities

I would like there to be activities and aid for the youth. A safe place to bring our children where they can play or study. Having sports or movies or a place to study or read at their leisure.

Both Biblical And Academic Study Help

The volunteers being able to provide both biblical and academic help. To improve others life with knowledge of the bible or aiding someone with study. Whether it be in grad school or with college courses.

Gaining Ties With Community

To connect people within our communities with each other. To connect our churches with our community as well that is the goal. That is what we are dedicated to doing. Increasing our ties with our neighbors.  

Local Church Reference

We will have a local church reference and will NOT promote one church over another. This is due to the fact that I believe that doctrine should be picked by an individual based on there personal study and walk with God.

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