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Dear heavenly father give me wisdom and understand of my wife. Help me to love my wife like I love myself. How you love the church, giving me patience helping me to lead our family to you. Help us as we walk this life together let us walk with you serving you. I recognize you as our families only God.

You place me as the head of this family so that my house might serve you. I recognize you are the head of this house. Lead us and guide us that we might do your will. Providing for us spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This is my prayer for our family that we might point one another to you. We make you the center point in our relationship. Promising to each other and you to pursue your will for our lives and the life of our family. Let your will be done to us and through us. Amen


Dear heavenly father give me wisdom and understanding of my husband. I submit myself to my husband. Like my husband submits himself to you. You are the head of our house hold. Help me to point my husband to you. So that he can provide for us I recognize my husband as the head of our household.

You put him as our families’ head. You make him capable to lead and guide our family. Use my husband to do your will giving him the wisdom and understanding. To pursue you will for our family I will follow him.

Lord let our family serve you help us to keep each other’s focus on you. Help me to be supportive of my husband in times of trouble and in blessing. Let you will be done to through and us us. Amen

Marriage (both husband and wife together)

Dear heavenly father help our family we trust you to lead us and guide us. Providing us with a way and the mean to glorify you. Let our relationship glorify you leading more people to you. Strengthen our family let us serve you being living sacrifices to you.

We love each other let us love each other like you love us. Let us make each other happy. Making you happy bring a smile to your face lord. You are the center point of our relationship. You are what holds us together let you will be done to us and through us. Amen

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