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Our perceptions of God

We all have our perceptions of God, how we think of him, who we think he is, what we think he is. The bible has perceptions for us to follow of God. Each one varies it is good to have all the perspectives that the bible teaches but often enough we one see one or another.

Some of the perceptions of God in the bible are servant, soldier, child, brother/sister, and friend. We are going to take a minute to talk about these perspectives how they vary things to take from them, things to try to keep in perspective while we go through our lives. Being living sacrifices to God.


Let take a look at the mindset of the servant. How they think what there goals are. Once again looking at how Jesus Christ did it. Servants are humble not thinking highly of themselves.

Or doing what ever it is they wish, there focus is pleasing their master. Trying to be profitable to the master, trying to get the master what it is he wants they put the masters want and need above their own.

As Christians we are supposed to be servants to God. That is one of the perceptions that the bible teaches us to have. We are supposed to put God’s will above our own. Not trying to fulfill our own desires but to pursue God’s will for our lives. Trying to get him what he wants. Don’t get me wrong he does not need us. We are supposed to want to serve him. Should want to profit him not be a hindrance.


Let us look at the mindset of soldiers. To stand against enemies not their own. To endure and survive the attacks of the enemy.  To not let the enemy do what ever they want, or to stop the action of the enemy.

To face their opposition saying, no you will not prevail. You will not do as you wish. To oppose the beliefs that belittles or that say our God does not exist. To stand up against the principalities and princes of the air.

As Christians the bible tell us to turn the other cheek when we are struck. The bible tells us to endure all the punches. To love our enemies to show them love even when they hit us.  When they say our God is dead simply say you are wrong. Show them the mercy of our God. It does not say just roll over, it says stand and take it. To not fear our enemy. Or what they might do.


The mindset of a child is trusting, having faith in there parents. Learning how their parents are. Mimicking them to be like them to act and be like there parents. The word Christian means little Christ.

To strive to be like Jesus Christ watching the way he did things. How he acted how he reacted. God set us an example through Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is the only one who could do it.

But he took our sins and our failures. Like kids we need to keep trying to be like our savior even when we fall. Even when we fall short, even if we do something wrong.

As Christians we are given so much to help us. We have a relationship with our God. He is more than our God. He is our Heavenly Father. He cares for us watches over and protects us. Doing so much for us that we can’t even perceive it.


Another mind set for us to have toward both our savior is that of siblings. Being brother and sister in Christ. Caring for one another loving each other unconditionally. Being there for one another when we need someone like Jesus is always there for us.

Regardless of what one another do to each other forgive and continually be there for one another. Regardless how we feel about each other, or how we act towards one another, loving and encouraging each other to look toward our Heavenly Father.

Like our parents bond us toward our siblings. Jesus Christ is our bond to the Heavenly Father being the first of siblings. He is the link that binds us together, the link that hold us together. So how do we treat our brothers and sisters reflects on your mindset of other Christians we are family.

It is not our place to talk or decide who is saved. Deciding for someone if they believe in Christ or not. Our Goal is telling of what our big brother did following his example pointing our older and younger sibling to Christ.


We are not just servants, soldiers, children, brothers and sisters. We are also friends of God. Friends he tells us things that he won’t just tell his children his solders or his servants.

Making his plans and intentions known to us. Sharing his plans and desires for himself and us. Spending his time to know us, so that we know him too. Setting the example for us to make and know what it means to be friends.

Who God is

He wants us to call him a lot of things, he want to be all these things to us. He is our God yet he wants us to have these perspectives of him. Wanting to be more than just our God. Wanting a relationship having all these relationships with us.

Do you have these perspectives? How do you see God? Does God see you through Jesus Christ. Or does he not see you does he see your sin. Jesus died so we could have a relationship with God.

To know who God is so that he can be our God. What perspective do you have? Who is God to you?

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