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What is Sin conscious and Christ conscious? How does it affect our outlooks, our attitudes, and our beliefs?  Does it affect the way we minister, or the way we witness? Yes I believe it does affect all the above. A lot of Christian’s side with one or the other it is easy to pick up on which side each individual stands. Is this right that we stand on one side or another?

Law Minded

The law is a major part of the Bible, the thing that shows us that we are not worthy. That we cannot obey at all no matter how hard we try. To be sin minded is to constantly thinking that you are not good enough, to minister brim stone, condemnation and hell fire. Trying to get people to fear (respect) God, to teach and preach of his wrath and his anger.

The Law is meant to be a source of teaching, a guide to a path that lead to Jesus because we cannot satisfy the law. Something both new and old Christians need to understand. The Bible tells us Jesus fulfills the law. He died in our place, and for our sins, so that we could have a relationship with God the Father through him.

Is the law supposed to be our ministry, do we preach law and condemnation? Is it our job as Christian to convince others that they are sinners?  Is our responsibility to get them to profess that Jesus is Lord? Is it our responsibility that they accept Jesus? No it is not our job to do any of these things.

It the job of the Holy Spirit to convict people of their sin not ours. Getting someone to profess does nothing for God, and nothing for the person we convince to profess. The Bible tells us that there are going to be people that profess to be Christians, and God is going to tell them that he does not know them. The people we convince to profess are some of these people. Leading them into believing that they are going to heaven. It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to lead people to believe in Jesus.

Sin Conscious

People who are stuck in a sin conscious mind set think about sin or if they are sinning. Or if others are sinning, you tell others how they are doing wrong. Or about what you’re doing wrong, you focus on trying to follow the laws which is trying to achieve what has already been done for you.

They think about trying to be the best that they can be. About trying to be godly, being godly is about belonging to God. I would like to point out you belong to God. Just by believing in Jesus Christ. You focus in this type of thinking is about sin your focus on sin trying not to do sin.

In the end people with this mindset fall to sin because they are trying to resist it with their own strength. We cannot do anything on our own. We need God for all that we do. Can we serve God while focusing on sin? No we cannot, we focus on sin when we try to serve the law.

Grace Minded

Grace is another major part of our faith, God’s mercy, forgiveness, and grace. It is there to remind us that he took our punishment. That we are children of God through Jesus, and that he took all we have done wrong and all we will do wrong, and all he wants in return is a relationship with us. For us to belong to him, to follow him talk to him walk with him listen to him. To be Christ conscious is to constantly ask what do you want me to do, Jesus. To focus on God and preforming his will. To preach and teach the gospel and show people to him.

Grace is there to help us lead people to a relationship with the Heavenly Father so that they to can call him Heavenly Father as well, and share that he died, and rose again on the third day.

Do we teach that you can sin and it is ok because God will forgive you?  Do we teach that you can earn you way into heaven? No we do not, so what do we teach? We teach that there needs to be a balance between Law and Grace. We teach who Jesus Christ is, who God is.

Christ conscious

People who are stuck in Christ conscious think what they know Jesus wants them to do. Why because you are focusing on God and what he wants you to do not what you want to do. You trying to follow Christ not just his teaching but also his mind. Focus on Jesus and everything else will fall in place.

They that have Christ conscious focus on Jesus Christ and what he would want them to do.  By doing this they are Godly with out trying to get it just by focusing on Jesus Christ. Your focus with this type of thinking is strictly on Christ, following his ways and teachings.

In the end for this type of thinking you don’t worry about sin, as long as you are focusing on Jesus. He will not lead you to sin or into temptation. You’ll have an anointing of the Holy Sprit to guide your every decision. Being of service to God unhindered.

Balancing Grace and Law

So where do we need to be grace minded or law minded?  How do we determine which mind set to use. It is determined by whom you are talking to. How and what they know already.  How do you know what they know already? Talk to them and to get to know them.

If we balance law and grace how much more would we benefit the spreading of the gospel. Both law and grace are important parts of our ministry. Both parts in my opinion need to used in both our individual ministries and congregational. Both need not only to be used but also balanced.

Instead of just sticking to one or another implementing both in to our ministries. Would this result in more people being lead to Jesus Christ?

What your focus

Where do you fall which type of thinking do you follow? Are you focusing on sin or on the Jesus?  The Bible tells us to renew our thinking we fall away from the Christ conscious naturally and have to force ourselves to get back into it, we have distractions I understand that, but getting Christ in our minds and trusting in him is important. When Peter walked on water he could do it as long as he focused on Jesus the very minute his focus was broken he sank.

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Danny King

All I can say is “Amen.” For years I was so focused on “don’t do such-and-such” that I forgot to think about what I SHOULD be doing. The law helps us understand grace. The Book of Romans makes it clear that the law has a place, but grace keeps it there. Thank the Lord!

Sep 06.2018 | 12:38 pm

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