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Of course the first Christian concept I’m going to cover here is the tithe. One I’m sure we all hear about no matter what church we go to.  Where does the tithe come from? The concept behind tithing is that God owns everything. He gives us a portion we give 10% back to God. To show we realize that he has provided this for us, and have a constant reminder that all things are his.


The next Christian concept I wanted to speak on is managing our money and not going into debt. To not live out side the means of what God gives us, and not to be a slave of that debt. Unfortunately our society is based around debt. We are encouraged to open credit accounts take loans as well as buying things we cannot afford.

We all have bills to pay, groceries to get, things we want for our families. Try to live our lives day to day. We make decisions on what we think is the best investment for our families and us. We make good decisions and bad in this regard.


I have recently made the choice to start trying to work at home. I made this decision   due to I don’t want my child to grow up and I won’t even know them. I want to be home to teach my children I want to help my wife. Starting any business is not easy including an online one. I believe God will provide for my family and me though this.

Review for wealthy affiliate

This is starting the review part but Wealthy Affiliate helps in understanding how and what I need to do to get this business off the ground. They taught me how to build my own website gave me and continue to give advice on how to run things properly. Wealthy Affiliate is a community not just a click here and learn the trade then good luck, they stand by you helping you.

A point in business that I have learned recently, and want to share with you now, is that make investments that will work for you. That will make you money or free up your time, buying property to rent out or to plant on, over buying more vehicles as an example.

Invest in things you know God would want you to invest in. I would encourage you to pray about something before investing.  Which that not just about money, but about time, and energy as well. Which spending money at companies is investing in them I would not if a business openly detests God, Jesus Christ, or Christianity.

Remember everything we have is God’s, and he only gives us what we can handle.

In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is a good investment what you’re paying for is the education. To start and maintain your own online business, as well as provide a community of online business owners, and to aid and help in understanding ideas for businesses.

owning it

In my opinion more Christians should try to be business owners. Now I understand that God has a plan for each of our lives. We should strive to go for God plan over our own. We have our assigned and are given jobs to interact with certain people in that job to help and encourage them.

So I encourage before you pursue owning your own business to ask God what he wants you to do. Doing things without God’s blessing will not work out, so pray before you decide.

Wealthy affiliate is a good place to start if you are looking into starting you own business. I encourage you to  look into the site for yourself.


We have all heard that God loves a cheerful giver. To give without expecting get back being charitable with what God give us. Helping  others trusting in God that he will provide for us. God give us everything he won’t hold back anything from us. How much then  should we give is there a limit. some would say yes but i say no. as long as we give  not expecting to receive but instead  to trust God.

I am not right about everything, if you disagree with something I write, or even if you agree, please leave a comment. We can talk about it and help one another understand God. I am teachable and understanding, I will listen to you don’t just take my word for it try me.

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Danny King

Amen, Brother. Like a lot of people I learned this lesson later than I should have. I knew it, but I figured “as long as I can make the minimum payment, I’m good.” Until I could no longer make the minimum payment. Scripture says “Owe no man anything except the debt of love.” At that point I owed, and could not pay. Is that where I began to sin?
When I finally got out from under all of it, I learned not to sin by assuming I will be able make the minimum payment. If God doesn’t give me cash for something, I assume He doesn’t want me to have it. I have lived this way for years, and have not regretted it once. “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” is about living without, not doing what I want. I challenge everyone to check it out.

Sep 04.2018 | 12:23 pm

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