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God not dead movement

Coming together

I recently watched all three of the God’s not dead movies. The point of the movies are to come together against the enemies, enemies being spirits, principalities, to come together against the oppression.

Against the persecution we need to stand together, we need to stand up for God not because he needs us to, but because he is our God. We just sit by and let them take our God out of our schools. We let them take our God out of the pledge to the flag. This nation was founded on Christian principles are we conforming to the world as a nation.

Standing Against

The bible does say to turn the other cheek, but it does not say sit and take it, it says to stand. It is a part of our nation to vote people in that will keep our interests in our government.  Raise you voices to those people or vote Christian people in to show that we stand up for our God.

Think about Israel in the bible what happened when they fell away from God. The bible is there to teach us not only history but serves as an example. Are we as a country falling away from God?

And us as Christians what are we going to do about it? I’m not saying to raise up in arms, our nation is set up to hear it’s citizens.  So make noise say we want God in our country in our schools in our lives. I believe that is the point of the movies so while we still can speak up.

Joining the movement

Do not be complacent let us stand against them. Do not argue with people; call our senator’s give our opinion. You ever notice in the movies the Christians, hold signs sit and take the other side yelling at them. I believe the movies hold the example for us to follow of how we are supposed to react.

So if you haven’t see all the movies yet I encourage you watch them, after you watch them text God not dead to someone then write a letter, make a phone call to your senator. Saying the same thing let our government know that our God is not dead and that we want him to be part of our government, our schools that we want Christ to be part of our nation.  Show that we are not ashamed to be Christians.

Join the movement let the world know that our God is not dead.

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Danny King

Amen to that! WELCOME BACK TERRY! We missed you!

Oct 13.2018 | 02:45 am


    Thank you Danny good to be back

    Oct 14.2018 | 01:05 am

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