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Did Jesus care about reputation

I have heard churches say both they believe Jesus would attend their services, and that he would be where the sinners are. I agree with the ones who believe the second one. He did not come to save the righteous, but the sinners, not all sinners but the ones that would believe in his name. The ones he (God) pick before the foundation of the world.

Jesus was not bound by what people thought of him or what society thought of him. The Bible does say to not appear to do or be evil. But I submit to you that Jesus spent time with these people at the places they sinned. And was not seen as one of them.  That is due to him not going there to sin but going there to get into a relationship with those people.  He did not sin or do as they do he went there to show sinner himself.

Holy  Spirit

He gave us the Holy Spirit that helps us minister, to help us to know who needs to hear the gospel. Do you think a place where people go to sin taints or lessons the power of the Holy Spirit? I submit that it does not weaken the Holy Spirit or diminishes it in anyway. Do we think our God is weak, Lord forbid?

out of fear

So why do we avoid place where others sin is in? Out of fear that we might be tempted to sin, or out of fear that it’ll tarnish our reputations in the community. Either way we make a decision out of fear, one that could save souls. We stop ourselves from spreading the gospel to those that need to hear it the most.

what do we gain

What does God gain from us being reputable? Does he gain popularity does he gain respect. Do we glorify God by being reputable? I personally don’t think so. By being reputable and being bound by reputation we fail to witness and to spread the gospel of Christ, all to save face.

So why concern yourself with gaining reputation, is it to seem godly, to try to gain a reputation for being Christians. To look like Christians are we claiming to follow Christ while walking the same path as the Pharisees and Sadducees? Are we going out proclaiming the law of Mosses and not the grace of Christ? The Pharisees cared about reputation and about seeming Holy. So whom are we following?  They care more about having reputation than caring for the healing of the sick, rising of the dead. So is having and gaining reputation works to try to bring on godliness

Does God care about reputation

God is not a respecter of persons. It is my belief that he would rather us depend on Him for godliness. After all being godly is to belong to God. No amount of reputation is going to get that. Or rather being godly gives us reputation of being that. Jesus did not worry about his reputation or how others view him all he concerned himself with is telling sinners of himself. Regardless of where they were. My main point is that he did not try to raise his reputation but rather let his reputation reflect the way he was living.

Where is our focus

So instead of trying to get or influence reputation, just do as God want you to do and God will make your reputation. The best illustration of this I believe is when Peter walked on water. As long as his focus was on Jesus everything falls into place. When he looked away he fell. So focus on Christ, focus on what God wants us to be doing.

I am not right about everything, if you disagree with something I write, or even if you agree, please leave a comment. We can talk about it and help one another understand God. I am teachable and understanding, I will listen to you don’t just take my word for it try me.

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Hey Terry. Another amazing article by you. I can agree with you on your points. I have the same concept of God and Jesus. I think that a person like Jesus would never care about what people was talking or thinking about him because this kind of thinking can make you stop from taking action and moving towards your goals.

Second I can also say that we should aim towards being honest, helpful and following Gods instructions. This way we will be blessed with all the reputation we need. My opinion is that we only need peacful mind and soul. This should be our main goals. 

Everything else will come afterwards.


Dec 13.2018 | 07:58 pm


    I agree

    Dec 13.2018 | 07:59 pm

Richard Wagener

Hi Terry
Nice post. I think you hit some good points here about Jesus being more concerned with His purpose than with His reputation. Of course, He would be concerned to live right and thereby glorify His father, but what others thought about Him was of little consuquence.

I think this is a good reminder to us of our purpose and where we need to be looking – having our vision on Jesus, not on ourselves and our popularity – especially in our world of celebrity and Facebook likes!

Dec 13.2018 | 08:00 pm

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