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A Sad Fact

I have been to a few small churches here most of their seats were empty. It makes me sad to see this.  Which I’m sure all churches have some kind of ministry. Where they try to get more people to come to their services. But they end up losing members, is this there own fault. Depending on the circumstances and the situation I understand it is not in every case. My intention for writing this article is for a certain kind of situation, and to help in that kind of situation.


The Situation

The kind of situation I mean is the church hurting an individual. Now understand I don’t mean if the church takes disciplinary action against the member, if it is called for and followed through in a biblical way. I’m talking about an unintentional or even intentional depending on the situation, a member getting hurt whether it is by a comment or an action of the congregation. Resulting in that member leaving the congregation, is it the churches fault or is it the members 

In my opinion both, the church for causing a brother/sister to hurt, and the member for running from the church. Don’t get me wrong I understand that feeling. I have experienced it myself, and struggle to continue going and partaking in fellowship.


The Cause

The situation is caused for a few reasons.  Either is pride, either in the church or in the individual. Misunderstandings contently are the underlying reason in most cases.

Whether it be these reasons or others I hope and pray that a line of communication between hurt members and any church are opened and fixed or attempted to fix.

Pride is something no church or individual need.  I’m going to list some types of pride, and hope this article opens you eye to the dangers of letting this come in between you and your church.

The first thing I want to talk about is of pride. The pride of the believer, this kind of pride pops it ugly head in when we (an individual or church) forget that it is God’s righteousness is imputed on to us, and is not his /her/their own.  Causing behavior to change becoming pompous, and high minded. The next kind of pride is deeds pride. It come from the thought that you’re good deeds are above reproach or earns you points. The last kind of pride is the pride of the reputable. This pride come from our reputation in church in our community it controls our actions to save face rather than live for God.

The next cause I want to discuss is misunderstandings. This happens so easy in anything and everything we do. They complicate our relationships in home, work, and faith.  Wither it from not understanding someone’s intent behind something, Or mishearing a comment. Misreading someone behavior or just plain being paranoid. For churches misunderstandings come from not being friendly, being in sermon mode while looking at people.

The final cause I want to talk on is contentment. Pride and contentment in my book are the biggest church killers. Content to leave everything, as it is to not grow and not want to grow on any level. A lot of churches want to have more members but they don’t want to grow spiritually. They don’t want to grow biblically. They are content with knowing God as much as they currently know him this contentment is bad for the church and for the individuals. This drives people from the churches seeking spiritual growth elsewhere as well as does nothing to further the gospel of Christ.


Christian Living


For the individual,

who is dealing with pride. Keep track of you thoughts, if you find yourself thinking highly of your self or how good you are based on you deeds. Or even worrying over if something is going to ruin your reputation.

The best way to battle pride is to humble yourself. The best way to do that is to pray to God, Rededicate yourself to him. Tell him you don’t want to do what ever you want, but you want to do what he wants you to do. Then ask him what he wants you to do wait for his response then follow trough with it.

The best way to fix misunderstandings, is to try to understand if you still can not understand, pray for understanding.  Tell the individual or church you don’t understand. If you still cannot understand have church pray for you to help you understand.

Now contentment comes from a lack of desire to move grow or change. It is easy to get caught in a content mood when you are comfortable.  Unfortunately there is no help for that feeling but it is just a feeling.

Growing is uncomfortable on many different levels, in many different ways. But growing is good, growing in faith means that we grow in understanding of our God who he is the type of being that he is.  As well as the type of being he want us to be.

For churches

Just like pride is no small thing for an individual. It is no small thing for a church. Churches who are prideful harm the gospel more than they help it.  The solution is a lot like the individual’s solution.  Except the entire congregation has to humble themselves, as well as rededicating themselves to the Lord.

It is impossible to know what misunderstandings are happening. The best indication if you see other member at odds, or you notice a change in behavior. Talk to them about it. Yes it may be they are just having trouble with something. Talking to them will help no matter what it is whether it is a personal problem or a misunderstanding. The Bible tells us to share the same mind to help and encourage each other.

Ignoring something in the church is asking for disaster. By that I mean watching a fellow Christian slip away, or member at the church fight without intervening. Another big way we are supposed to help one another is to edify each other not just to believe in God but to believe in God the way he wants us to. We are supposed to help keep each other on track, and if we never talk or communicate then we fall off the track so easily.

Communicating is the easiest ay to avoid misunderstandings.

Contentment in a church is one of the most horrible things you can see. A group of people that are fine where they are in life in their walk with the Lord. I believe as Christians we should want to know the Lord more we should want to grow our relationship with him. And the want to grow a relationship with him we should want to have and grow relationships with other Christians in our churches in our communities, in our lives.

One of the main points in the church is a gathering place of people that believe the same. While you there you not just supposed to sit and listen to a sermon, you are supposed to talk, laugh, and communicate with other Christians. To ask for prayer, turn your praise reports in if God does something for you. You’re suppose to make friends and keep up with them, encourage them to do what God wants them to do

Relationships are what we are supposed to get out of church, relationships with other people, who have relationships with God. We are supposed to treat each other like Jesus treats us.

Of course the main reason for a church is to Glorify God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m going to make a promise that promise is to keep trying to have relationships with people in my church no matter how hard it is. I’m going to promise to treat them as Jesus treated me. And I pray that God helps me hold to this promise.

I am not right about everything, if you disagree with something I write, or even if you agree, please leave a comment. We can talk about it and help one another understand God. I am teachable and understanding, I will listen to you don’t just take my word for it try me.

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I love the attitude you portrayed within you article for good ways to deal with the issue. I agree that ther best way to deal with people hurt in the church and wanting to leave is to be Christians and deal with it in a generous, honest, sympathetic, graceous, loving manner that leaves the person feeling loved. Give up pride, admit wrong, look to making ammends, showing that we care.

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    thank you

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