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Dealing with emotion

The bible tells us a lot of things including how to deal with emotion. Our God is an emotional God. He shows us how to deal with our emotion once again by showing us and leading the way. Jesus expressed all the emotions we have as humans and we should follow His example. So let take a minute and look at how Jesus reacted to his emotions.

Love: The greatest example of His love for us was to go to the cross for us. Taking our punishment for our sins. Inviting us to a relationship with Him and God the Father. We see his love all through the bible forgiving the Hebrews and us of our past transgressions.

As long as we humble ourselves and ask forgiveness. Like each time the Hebrews in the bible turn from him. Then came into hardships, though those hardships they were humbled by circumstances and asked his forgiveness. He took them back in every time. I’m sure you can think of a time that you turned from him and became humbled by circumstances.

He expresses his love us for us by listening to us. Even after we do wrong his love is unconditional. We do not have to do this or that to have his love. He is there for us waiting for us to talk to him weather it is in time of trouble or in joy.

Fear: Jesus shows us how to handle this emotion as well. He was afraid when he was in the garden. Asking God the Father if there was any other way. He asked God to take the burden from him if it was at all possible.

What did he do, how did he react to fear. He faced his fear used scripture going ahead with God’s plan for him. He told individuals all through the bible to not be afraid to trust in him and his plan.  Fear is to be overcome by trust in God.

2 Timothy 1:7

God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind.

Anger: Several times in the bible God gave way to his anger. And according to the bible his anger will still be seen. As in Revelation, some examples of his anger the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, again with the Hebrew nation when they became forgetful of him.

He expressed his anger toward them by letting them be taken. He expressed himself his anger and let them know that he was angry. How does he express his anger toward us, what does he let come our way? Jesus himself expresses anger by flipping the merchant tables. Expressing that he was angry and what he was angry about.

Contentment/Comfortable: God is not comfortable/content with anything  he sacrifices his comfort for us. He sacrificed his son because animal blood could not make him comfortable. He knew he was the only one that could satisfy the law. Jesus entire time he did not find comfort/ contentment. He worked towards telling people of himself.

Often times in the bible comfort/content causes sin, our God is not comfortable. So should we get comfortable? Comfort is our enemy it is one of the principalities that we fight against. Hebrews got comfortable then forgot God and their God given purpose. I believe we should strive toward our God given goal spreading the Gospel of Christ and not be content until the whole world hears.

Sadness: Jesus’s sadness comes from unbelief the shortest bible verse in the bible is Jesus wept. He wept because of unbelief I said comes earlier because I believe he cries because he is sad that we don’t believe in him. I heard Danny King preach one time that God finds it offensive that we do not trust him. I believe he is right about that I believe it makes Jesus sad.

Why would he be sad, I’m sure you can relate when a friend, your parents, or your children don’t trust you. When your loved ones don’t believe in what you say, they don’t trust you. Let’s look at how he dealt with the sadness, the bible says he wept. He let his sadness out with tears. Our God cried letting his sadness out.

Jealousy: We all have heard at one point or another that our God is a jealous God. He fights for what is his. Not letting thing take his people/Children from him. God gave us our families I say we take up his example and fight for what God has given us.

Joy/Happiness: happiness is a fleeting thing. It is never a constant, we pursue happiness it is something we go for all our lives. It is God’s goal to be happy to what bring him happiness.

Us following him, his elect makes him happy when we submit ourselves to him. Stop pursuing our own happiness and pursuing his will for us. Which if we follow his will for us we will find happiness.

Following God will is what makes him happy. When we follow his will we will be happy. You know the old saying mother knows best. Well moms don’t have anything on God. He knows best for us including what will make us truly happy.

Pride:  It is an emotion we all deal with most of us deal with this emotion by giving into it. Jesus showed us how to deal with this emotion, to humble himself, kept him humble.

Doing things like washing his followers feet, showing them that he wasn’t above them, that he wasn’t haughty and that they should wash each others feet.  To keep themselves humble.

Jesus did not think highly of himself so we should not think highly of ourselves as set by example of our savior.

What to do

The bible is full of example for us to follow set by people that were under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Or we’re given the will to seek God’s will. Jesus is the best one to look at to try and see through his eyes.

To try to think with his mind, ask his opinion in our situations. To strive to deal with our emotions like Jesus did. If not exactly ask him how he would deal with the emotion.

Emotions are not bad things God made us with emotions. He himself has emotions how to react to them is a part of our learning experience here on earth.

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Danny King

Emotion is my biggest struggle, especially when the emotion doesn’t fit reality. I often find myself feeling a certain way, but when I think it through, there is no legitimate reason to feel that way. In these cases, it is very important for me to focus my thoughts. I find it very helpful to pray and thank God that my reality is not as extreme as I feel it is. I thank Him that the emotion will pass, but He will still be there, keeping everything under control. Good article.

Oct 22.2018 | 11:41 am

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