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Community Event

A community event where churches in the community volunteer to manage games, by enforcing the rules, ensuring prizes are given, collecting money for games. The church that volunteers keeps a portion of money collected.

Providing fun and games to the community. With plenty of chances to witness to, and within, the community. The point behind this is to get christian people together to have fun, with time and money going to churches. Giving the community a reason to come together.


The games will be pay to play, with prizes and volunteers at each game. Come and hang out  with your neighbors. Get competitive with your friends make some new ones. Have fun with these games.


Concession stands again ran by church volunteers or christian volunteers in the community. Stuffing your family with food and fun.

Free Entry

It would be free to get in and enjoy the day.


The proceeds would be split with TTLC and the churches of the volunteers get a percentage of the money collected. TTLC would use the money for more community events and saving for long term goals. Which is to one day set up a community center.

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