Christian Concepts

To share ideas and experiences on Christian ideals, and to teach and edify one another to follow biblical teachings, and further practice our faith, and to not do as we want to but to be what God want us to be, and to submit our self to God’s sovereign grace, to be less so he can show himself more through us.

Christian Attributes

To study God’s word, and adopt the attitudes, characteristics, mindset, and traits of Christ, and to encourage one another in the pursuit and the path to follow Christ, and follow his examples left for us in the Bible, and to help one another adopt these attibutes of Jesus Christ, and to further the gospel, and to bring honor and gloy to God.

Christian Belief

To study and believe the way the Bible teaches us to believe, and to train our souls to believe and trust in God, and to believe in him as he shows us to, not to believe as our own perceptions see him, and to follow the Bible and the Holy Spirit on our path, and to understand who God is, and to know him more.


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