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The bible is full of examples of God cursing people, places, and creatures. From the snake to the earth for adam’s sin. So what does it mean to be cursed by God? Jesus himself cursed a bush, we all want and desire blessings, and dislike the idea of a God who curses.

Yet our God curses people, places, and things. It’s not really for us to say if this is wrong or right after all we are the creations and he is the creator. The point in this article is to point out things God has cursed. And attempting to identify why those things are cursed.

Jesus And The Tree

Jesus cursed a fig bush for not having fruit and it withered and died because of his curse. The point behind this was to show that he is a God of his word. Doing exactly what he promises to do.

Matthew 21 18-22

Mark 11 12-14


I believe homosexuality is a curse of God. These people know the one true God and turned their back on him committing idolatry. As result he cursed them handing them over to the evil things that they wish to do.

Romans 1 20-30

Sovereignty Of God

God is the creator and has a purpose for everyone. Only he knows what that purpose is, he guides us with his hand and Holy Spirit. Regardless of what that purpose is. We are all used of God and we do what he put in our spirits to do and He knows what it takes to get us there.

The Creator

God is our creator, he made us all to have a purpose and to have a place in his plan. Some of us are blessed and some of us are cursed. Regardless we do what God’s will is for us. The only choice we have and can make is whether to go along with God’s plan or to fight it.

I submit to you if you chose to fight it you’re not really God’s, He knows what you are doing and why. Nothing get to you unless He allows it.


Just as God curses things he blesses things to. It is His choice what to bless and what to curse. It is His choice what to love and to hate. Being in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ we know what those love and hates are.

Why do we try to deny what God says he love and hates? It is not our responsibility to decide what God loves and hates. What brings him pleasure and what brings him pain. Who are we to attempt such a thing?

Being Used By God

We as christians should want to serve God. We should ask him for the desire to serve. Looking to be a living sacrifice. Not pursuing our own will but pursuing His and glorifying Him the entire way. A prayer I make every day is to be used by God, abandoning my own will in order to follow Him and His.


Jesus Christ made our relationships with God possible, made us able to speak to God. Gave us a way to communicate with him and get to know him. I would like to encourage you at this point to try to get to know him more.

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Danny King

You made a very important statement:
“It’s not really for us to say if this is wrong or right after all we are the creations and he is the creator”
That is very true. We all need to consider that. Very interesting article. The site is coming along very nicely!

May 25.2019 | 04:19 pm


    Thank you for you countiued support Danny

    May 26.2019 | 04:55 pm

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