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Being faithful to God is a goal we all have as Christians; we want to be faithful to him. But what does that initial, how do we determine faithfulness to God? Is our faithfulness determined by works? How do we show our love for God? Is our faithfulness determined by the reason we do things?

Faithfulness to God

I believe it is determined by our love for God. So how do we show God we love him? We show him love by loving each other. By helping each other by being there for one another. When I say loving each other what I mean is caring, for one another not just shaking hands saying hello. Going on with our days with little to no thought of others.

I mean sitting down talking visiting with one another. When you ask someone how there day is they can be honest with asking for help prayer or sharing the good things in there lives as well. Caring for others well being not just you own. Us showing our love for one another shows that we love God. By showing his love to us to others.

Thinking of the things of God, and of God himself. Remembering him in day-to-day life. Thinking of his ways and character getting to know him better. Not just knowing of him then going on in our own way. Being faithful to God means considering him daily.

Faithful to whom

Can faithfulness be determined simply by going to church? Don’t get me wrong the Bible says forsake not the assembling of yourself together. Those means don’t give up on going. My point in in this article is just going to church does not prove faithfulness to God.

It proves faithfulness to the church. Yes there is a difference between faithfulness to God and faithfulness to the church. So what is the reason for going to church? Is it because it is what you have always done?

Is it because it what you were told you were supposed to do? Is there any faith behind the reason you go? Are you going because you love God? Are you going because you love the people at the church? What is you reason for assembling?

We need to reflect on why we do the things we do. Do we do it just because it is a habit, or it is the way we have always done it? Do we do it out of love, tradition, or just because. Are we serving our God with all our heart if we do thing for these reasons? If we do things out of habit, tradition, or just because, are we not serving God with all our hearts?

Reason for Assembling

The Biblical reason for assembly is to get and give encouragement and form relationships with each other.  To be loved and cherished by each other just like our Savior loves us. To encourage each other’s faith to help each other trust God, and to help each other seek and find the will of God, and to test and try each other in knowledge of our God.

Hearing and Doing

So what do we do? Are we going to church for the right reasons? If we are not can we start? How do we get back to being faithful to God? What we do is reflected on ourselves, on our reasons for going to church. Don’t just be hearers of the word but doers. Yes all we need to do is apply the thing in our personal studies with what we hear on Sunday. Apply it daily to our daily lives, Remembering God daily.

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Danny King

Excellent point. Sometimes being a Christian seems very complicated. Do this, don’t do that, and when you do this or don’t do that, be sure the motivation is correct. It used to overwhelm me. But if we simply focus on gratefulness to God, it actually becomes quite simple. If we get that in place, the rest will take care of itself. But if the rest isn’t taking care of itself, that is a good sign we don’t have the gratefulness to God in place.

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    Sep 14.2018 | 09:35 pm

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