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What is a Spiritual Head

Today I’m talking about being the spiritual head of our household what that entails. So what does it take to be the spiritual head of your house? Does it mean to provide and how to provide for you family?  Does that give you dominance of you wife like property and your children or is there more to it

The Lead

Being the leader of anything is to motivate a group of individuals to a certain goal. In this case you family, what is you family’s goal, is it to become wealthy, to give your children so that they do not want for anything. Is it to seek the truth, is it to seek Gods will.

I would be as bold to say, to try to lead them to seek God’s will, to bring your children up knowing of him in hopes one day that God will start a relationship with them. Showing them how to live for the lord, how to love their spouse and their brothers and sisters, both biological and in the church.

The Head

The decision maker for your family, not meaning to override you spouse, yes we are the head of our families. That does not mean we dominate them when we get married according to the bible.

Two people become one. It is not one dominating the other one, instead it is two people working towards something together, two people that have a link mentally spiritually and physically.

To keep track of what your family’s goals are, to know who your family is, not just personally but as a unit. Not just you physical selves but your spiritual selves, to know where your family has been, where you came from and to look toward your family’s future.

Providing for you family

I know a lot of people say its the mans job to go get money. To take care of the family but that’s not what the bible says. It is the man’s job to provide for the family yes. But that aspect is more than just about money. A lot of times in today’s society the father goes to work never spending time with their kids or their spouse and they fall out of sync.

This separates the man from the family for the sake of earning money we do it to provide for our families. But I submit to you that our wife’s and children need more than just money, they need us to be there to lead them. How can a man lead his family when he spends all his time away from them? Our wife and children need our time. It is our job to provide that time for them, to be there for them, not to provide our jobs with out time. I’m not saying to stop working I’m saying try to find a way to give you family what they need not just money.

Taking the time

Take the time with your wife and you children both as a family unit and as individuals. This life is more than just about money. Who deserves more of your time your family or you company.

Where are you leading them

Are you leading your family to money think of your children they are learning from you that money is more important than time with your family that is not a good lesson to teach them.

Instead lead them to God to seek God. God is our provider just we are theirs. And he is able to give us work that satisfies our financial needs and wants. Look to God for money for food for shelter. Your wife is looking to you, your children are looking to you and they see what you’re looking toward.

Be an example worth following, look to God ask him for wisdom and guidance. King Solomon asked for wisdom. God gave him wisdom, wealth, and many other things. He looked to God for the answers. Ask God he will give you the answer. Trust in him to provide for you so you can provide for them.

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Danny King

Very well said. I might add that a significant amount of time with our family should be unplugged. I used to think I spent time with my family, until it was pointed out that most of it I was ALSO on the computer. I thought I was multi-tasking. I was wrong because they needed my ATTENTION. Good post, Terry.

Nov 24.2018 | 11:08 pm


    So true on your point of spending time together. Without distractions from electronics finding different activities to do together or just sit and talk.

    Nov 26.2018 | 04:31 pm

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