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My Testimony

I grew up without a father figure, and when I was 5 my mother told me that Jesus Christ is someone I can look at like a father figure. Being 5 I did as mom had said and believed in Jesus. I talked to him, and I told him of my troubles, and of my dreams. I told him what I wanted or what I thought I wanted the most. I asked him questions and for his advice, and told him of things I like and things I don’t.

I asked things that any little boy would ask their dad about. I talked to him and he never seamed to respond back until I was 12 then I heard his answer. He started answering the questions I asked at younger age, not all of them, but he answered most of them. The relationship continued and still is going to this day. All through my teens I continued to ask questions about him about what he wants, and of things that teenage boy ask their dads. At that time I wanted nothing more than to become an astronaut.

With that goal in mind I talked with him and started toward my goal, and when I turned 18 I went into the military, at that time I was still in high school. I was planing on launching my career from the military to eventually get to NASA and go into space, but my senior year in high school I had a change of heart and mind. I decided I wanted to be a husband, a father, and a preacher, to teach and preach God’s word, so I started to pursue that goal instead.

A Desire to Help

I have helped people all my life, it is something I like to do, to help them through troubles, to give them advice, to look after them and have them look after me. Prayer for understanding for us both when we share our perspectives with each other. Introduce them to God if they don’t already know him, or help them get to know him better if they already do.

We all have our individual ministry, and we also have our congregational ministry. Either way we sometimes need help with them, whether it is through prayer, Godly advice, or support, this is the type of support I want to provide and help others to provide. To help each other with our mission, or our assignment, as both individuals and congregations.

To help each other with our personal goals as well as goals in our ministry, but most of all to help spread the gospel, with understanding and grace. To help my brothers and sisters in Christ understand God and each other. To help them understand what helps and hinders the gospel, and what helps and hinders our individual and congregational ministry.

My goal

The goal is to glorify God. To also edify each other to get and maintain the perspective God want us to have. To help individuals and congregations be a better ministry for Christ. To help further the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel being the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To teach Christian concepts, attributes, and strategies, and to provide a better understanding of what a Christian is, and what they should be, as well as to provide information about God and who he is, and information about who we are and we should be, and to help individuals with questions that they have about the teachings of the Bible and to give advice in difficult situations.

To help congregations better understand their roles. Also, to aid in broken relations in individuals as well as congregations, and to help encourage understanding of both individuals and congregation for the development of the soul and the progress of the gospel of Christ.

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