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A letter of Intent

This is a letter of intent to declare what this online ministry is about. It is about spreading the gospel of Christ. It is a ministry that I hope will help churches in our community come together, to spread the gospel of Christ without bickering or arguing over doctrinal views. Is doctrine important? Yes I’m not saying it is not but arguing over doctrine in front of unsaved people turns them away from Christ not just opposing doctrines.

Giving them the idea that the Bible contradicts itself. Anyway in this letter I would like to tell the inspiration to this ministry. Sitting at home after work one day I played lotto like everyone does. My mother and I started talking about what we would do with the money if we won not only what we would for family what we would like to do for God.

Where it started

Now at this time both of us have been to a few churches we noticed a few things and got talking about a community center that would focus on teaching biblical concepts.  A place that all churches in the community could come and teach, and invite people to church. Which once their in your church you can teach your doctrinal views but  every individual should  study the Bible themselves then decide on doctrine.

To help the community

I would like a place in our community to come together for Christ regardless of doctrine where churches and individuals in the community can come to hear about Bible concepts. Learn about the gospel start studying for themselves, and decide on doctrine after their personal study. A place that would feed the poor give them a place to live then help them back on there feet, instead of just giving them money or food.

A place for kids in the community to play and be exposed to the gospel. Where the churches come to help children with academics, sports, help build our children up. A place where people volunteer to help the community in a wide variety of ways. Somewhere were we can gather to become friends within the community. To tell people about Jesus and the good news.

With your help

Well I never won the lotto but I start looking into online business and ministries. Then God gave me a revelation to build it from ground up to rely on him not the lotto. So this is me starting an online ministry that I would like to see one day grow into something that I believe will help our communities and ministries.

This letter is to let everyone know what the goal is behind this ministry but I cannot do it alone. So with help from God and all of you I hope to start this ministry and watch it grow.

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